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Prophecies & Portents Text

Literary questions self assessment sheet

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Romans and the supernatural 

A Classicist researches ancient ghosts here.

Spooky Rome here.

Detailed articles on Roman beliefs about haunting.

Pompeii: portents of disaster

Omens and superstitions

Roman divination.

More on omens.


Commentary questions

Sample commentary questions here and here. Make sure each point contains a quotation, translation and explanation. 

Remind yourself about how to write a commentary answer here.


Creating your own 'short question' on the Verse Text.

Your task: to create a series of short questions, worth a total of 15 marks, on the section of text assigned to you. This should include a 5-mark translation question. Use the sample question below for guidance.

You will need: the text, sample short question.























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Prophecies and Portents

Listen to Horace Odes 1.34

Seamus Heaney's version of Horace

Translating Horace

Explore religious sites in the Roman forum: interactive map.

The career of Julius Caesar.