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Online dictionaries: Archimedes

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This page is intended primarily for those who are completing their Waynflete project on a Classical theme  or who are interested in studying Classics at university.


Classics columns, news and reviews

Peter Jones' Ancient & Modern column in the Spectator

Friends of Classics reviews of key classical publications

Bryn Mawr Classical Review for accessible reviews of classical publications

Mary Beard: A Don's Life: classical blog


Wider Reading: Links

Oxford Reference Online: a fantastically useful resource, providing access to the Oxford Dictionary of the Classical World, Who's Who in the Classical World, The Oxford Companion to Classical Civilization, The Concise Oxford Companion to Classical Literature and Latin dictionaries. Click on the Links hyperlink on the Classics page, which takes you to many more useful resources. The site also provides access to reference to a wide range of non-classical reference works. Currently only available in school.

JSTOR: an amazing range of scholarship online, including very important Classics journals. Currently only available in school.

Weblearn: the Oxford Classics faculty resource site for undergraduates, much of which is available for non-members to view. Bibliographies, discussions of texts and courses, lecture topics and course handbooks are all here, as well as practical information on Greek fonts and suchlike

SOLO - Search Oxford Libraries Online: useful for tracking down books and checking bibliography. Make sure you choose to search the Bodleian Library.

Oxford research projects: from pots to papyri

Dalton Rome Project: amazing resources on every aspect of the Roman world. Includes a large number of texts in translation - historical, literary and philosophical

Tanner Lectures on human values: philosophy modern and ancient

University links

Oxford's Classics site and Oxford's Discover Classics pages

Cambridge Classics site

Classics departments worldwide

SAT Latin

Classics Web: draws together information about Classics at school and university level

Philosophy Faculty at Oxford (Classics at Oxford can involve the study of ancient and modern philosophy)

Beginning Latin and Greek at university 


Summer Schools

For an overview of summer schools available for those interested in Classics at all stages, click here.






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