Classical Sites



Ancient Athens

National Archaeological Museum Athens



Fantastic virtual recreation of Rome plus loads of info!

Interactive map of ancient Rome

Loads of information on Rome via the Cambridge schools Classics project (scroll down, and use 'next stage' button for more topics)










Pompeii and the Bay of Naples

Pompeii and other Roman sites in the bay of Naples

BBC resources on Pompeii available here (scroll down)



Poppaea's villa; more. A truly amazing villa.

Stabia: wonderful villas

Cumae: a sibyl's cave and more

National Archaeological Museum Naples

Other museums in the Bay of Naples



Hadrians' Wall and Vindolanda


The Vindolanda tablets (fascinating website!)

BBC pages on Vindolanda

Hadrian's Wall

Virtual tour of Houseteads fort

Chedworth Roman Villa

National Trust information on the site

Guide to the Roman Villa



Excellent site on the Roman baths, including a virtual tour.

Resources from the Cambridge school Classics project


One of my favorite Roman sites - baths, an amphitheatre, a fortress, and a good museum as well.

Guide to the Roman remains


BBC pages on Colchester

Guide to Colchester

Boudica's rebellion; more on Boudica.